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We have a vast knowledge when it comes to foam products.  Here is a list of some of the products we currently produce:

Sofa Cushions
Sofa Fibre Filled Backrests
Sofa Prep Foam
Sprung Mattresses
Foam Mattresses
Memory Foam Mattresses
Orthopedic and Therapy Foam Shapes
Garden and Cane Furniture Seating
Classic Car and Kit Car Seating
Motorbike Seat Restorations
Caraven and Motorhme Bedding
Horse Box and Boat Bedding
Cab Seats
Scatter Cushions
Bolster Cushions
Safety Mats
Contract Seating
Uphlostery and Foam Sundries
Foam for Costumes, Puppets and Props
Packaging Foam
Acoustic Foam

Call or email us now to discuss your needs with us:

(01623) 400660

We stock many different types and grades of foam.  And if we don't stock it the foam manufacturers we use can get the foam you need to us quickly.  Here is list of just some of the foam we stock; Visco Elastic Memory Foam, Aquatic Filter Foam, Open Cell Acoustic Foam, Fire Resistant Foam, Packaging Foam, Upholstery Foam, Reconstituted Foam, Chipped Memory Foam, Loose Fibre,  PVC Foam, Orthopedic Foam, Fibre Filled Cushions,  Sprung Units.